We believe that the most successful design brands are those which create multifaceted experiences that connect people to brands in harmonious, meaningful and emotional ways. It’s all about generating curiosity, desire to try, love and loyalty. We develop brand architecture for new lifestyle brands with the aim of creating unique and relevant products and services that meet market demands. And we assist and coach existing brands to adopt a revitalised approach and to create new growth strategies that ensure a high level of market relevance.

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand story
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand name
  • Brand values
  • Brand identity


Being truly design driven means leveraging on the potential of design and developing a clear differentiation on the market via strong products, compelling storytelling and a clear design signature. We view design as a strategic tool, and elaborating a design strategy provides a strategic springboard and clear direction for future-forward product development. We develop design DNA as an effective and operational tool for internal and external use – a creative framework and direction that clearly communicates the values, emotions and qualities of a company’s products both visually and verbally. We articulate the design vision, analyse the existing product range, follow through on successful product concepts and develop strategic recommendations for new concepts and typologies focusing on growth potential for your business, both in the short and the long term.

  • Design vision
  • Design DNA
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Market positioning analysis
  • Idea catalogue
  • Strategic partnerships


We believe that concepts and universes are more powerful than individual products. Concept development focuses on developing comprehensive concepts and design solutions boasting coherence and a powerful story. We think holistically and look at the entire picture. We ask questions, generate powerful ideas, develop scenarios and transform them into comprehensive concepts that we test and challenge. A concept can be either strategic or creative, but it is always based on business potential and the desire to stand out.

  • Research and interviews
  • Brainstorm and idea generation
  • Conceptualising
  • Scenario development and personas


Creative direction is about optimising the design process, talent spotting, seeing new possibilities and then daring to follow one’s intuition. Creative direction ensures continuity, coherence, quality, and creative output through the implementation of design strategies, concepts, and ideas. The choice of design partner is a strategic one, and our international network of designers offers the freedom to pursue the perfect match from new talents to established high-profile designers. We craft detailed briefings and guide the designer in the right direction. The goal is to convert creative energy into commercial potential.

  • Creative direction
  • Briefings
  • Designer matchmaking
  • Screening of design proposals
  • Design management
  • Art direction / styling


We translate strategies and concepts into strong design solutions that generate commercial value and enhance a company’s brand position. Our approach is holistic. And whether we design products, services, interior designs or experiences, we always aim to create solutions that emotionally connect with people. We base our approach on our seven principles for great design. Naturally, we develop a clear brief based on a conceptual framework and an understanding of the company’s design DNA.

  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Interiors design
  • Experience design